Resources for Providers

Too often, patients and providers suffer from “insurance anxiety,” not knowing whether medically-necessary care will be covered or how to navigate insurer processes.

Cover My Mental Health encourages providers that their patients can get the insurance coverage they bought through self-advocacy against insurance company obstacles.

The resources of Cover My Mental Health can reduce patients’ insurance anxiety and help them self-advocate when help from their provider may not be enough.

Bring Cover My Mental Health to your patients with links to on your website, patient portal, and any patient-facing documentation.

Practical guidance for introductory website links, patient communications

To learn about hosting a 30- or 60-minute webinar, contact For clinical audiences, continuing education (CE) credits may be available.

Check out our “Be an Advocate for Others” for advocacy efforts suited to patients and providers alike.

The American Psychiatric Association invites you to make a difference through advocacy at

The American Psychological Association invites you to join their advocacy network at

The Psychotherapy Action Network offers a range of advocacy efforts at

Supporting Cover My Mental Health assures care for patients’ “insurance anxiety,” while mitigating the need to become expert in navigating all the challenges of insurance company obstacles.

Contact Joe Feldman, President of Cover My Mental Health at with any questions about this resource or ideas for improving our support of patients and providers.